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> Organizing Technical Talks With Japanese Companies

Conducting technical, contract, finalization of the bachelor's contract and basic engineering with the Sujits and Mitsui companies of Japan.

> Tender offer

Bidding Documents Tender Contractor Design Design and Installation of Two Balls of Niches

> Visit The Site

Visit the site and hold meetings with the land operations contractor to resolve the existing obstacles and open up new work fronts.

> Selection Of New Project Manager

The new project manager was selected


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About Dehdasht Petrochemical Company

Mamun Srizon

On 05-02-1381 the Iran's council of ministers passed a construction of Ethylene west pipe line by national petrochemical company for implementation and expanding the development petrochemical companies along the mentioned pipe line.On 17-11-1383 the Bakhtar company was founded and registered as a holding company to develop and construct different petrochemical companies along pipe line in vicinity of less develop cities in west of iran . On 30-06-1384 the council of ministers passed a decree to ext a branch from bakhtar ethylene pipe line and four HDPE petrochemical company along it for development some southern regions.

then with adding an olefin plant to this branch it named DENA Group including ethylene pipe line and Gachsaran , Dehdasht, Mamasani, Kaseron and brojen petrochemical companies. Dehdasth petrochemical company(public joint stock) was established under registration no. 5124, on 1388, in yasouj – Iran ,in order to construct a petrochemical plant to produce 300000 t/y HDPE.It is to our produce feed domestic demand and also export to word market.


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